Brief Synopsis
Offshore Fishing Company is a 100% subsidiary of Sizwe Fishing Investments (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa.
Share holding
Fishing Rights
Offshore Fishing Company has been granted long term fishing rights in the main species in South African maritime fishing waters which stretch from the Mozambique border with South Africa in the east to the orange river border with Namibia in the West .
Fishing Sectors
  1. Hake Trawl
    Offshore Fishing Company has been granted 2200 tons of quota in this sector for 15 years from the year 2006. The company owns a hake trawl vessel 48 metres in length with a freezing capacity for producing frozen hake.

  2. Pelagic
    Offshore Fishing Company has 1200m tons of pilchards and 2100m of anchovies. Fishing for the species is undertaken in St Helena in a joint venture owned company called Duinekus (Pty)Ltd which owns a vessel called Duinekuis MFV. A major portion of the pilchard is processed at the factory in St Helena and sold to food merchants for onwards distribution.

  3. Squid
    Offshore Fishing Company is a joint venture owner of 2 vessels namely the GALAXY and ROBBERG which are based in Port Elizabeth and catch the squid by means of jigs which are individually maned. The quota is the allocated by the number of men operating the jigs. Offshore Fishing Company has been allocated 28 men for 8 years.
The company exports the majority of its catches in the hake and squid fishing sectors. Hake is exported to Vigo, Spain and Singapore.
Squid is exported to Genoa, Italy. The pilchards are distributed in Southern African region and other parts of Africa. Some of the product finds its way to Europe in the form of cans, where it is rebranded.